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Time Travel Back to the 1800s With Your Bedroom Design

Adding Some Eighteenth Century Style to Your Bedroom

One popular style of furniture that has continued to grow in popularity since it was originally conceived in the mid-eighteenth century is French style bedroom furniture. It has disappeared and returned with fashion trends, which has seen it transform slightly in some ways.

Elegant bedroom furnished with French provincial furniture

Plenty of the French style furniture we now see in retailers originated from the provincial furniture of France – the most prominent feature being the cabriole legs, which you can see in the image above on the Louis XV influenced chair on the left and the decorative bedroom stool at the foot of the bed.

The price of an original piece of this furniture could be quite expensive and hard to come by, but never fear! We sell a great selection of luxurious bedroom furniture of this style that will suit a traditional, neutral contemporary, rustic or country-style bedroom that we’d like to share with you.

Sit Like An Aristocrat

The beauty of a bedroom chair of this quality and style is that they’re massively comfortable and they look amazing too. It’s not quite a Louix VX chair but the influence it has over our Ivy bedroom chair is clear with the cabriole front legs and plump, luxurious cushion.

Bedroom that looks similar to the Louis XV chairs from 18th century France

With a rattan back, the Ivy bedroom chair is ideal for people who have a desk in their bedroom to work from either online or offline. Also, for those who prepare themselves at a dressing table, this chair will seat you gracefully as you apply your makeup before you leave for the ball!

Elegant Bedroom Storage

To live in beautiful surroundings, one must be prepared to keep them tidy and free of clutter to allow the interior to speak for itself. That’s why a dainty bedroom deserves a grand free standing wardrobe to keep your belongings safely organised.

Beautiful painted French style wardrobe

Introducing our Bourmont 2 door wardrobe with ample space to hang your clothes inside of, this French style wardrobe possesses the carving features of provincial French furniture. The flowing lines and shabby chic appearance make this wardrobe ideal for a country home or alternatively it can contrast with the sleek appearance of a contemporary bedroom.

Bed Frames Fit For A King & Queen

The main purpose of our bedroom is to sleep in and preferably on a bed, otherwise it’s not really a bedroom is it? We’ve got the perfect bed that ticks all the boxes of a French style bed that is comfortable for ones that like to spread out like a starfish or those that like to cuddle with their significant other.

18th century French style rattan bed

Appropriately named. the Grace is a well-crafted bed has been cut and carved to the features of the elegant French furnishings, completed with a rattan head and footboard to keep you all in. The finish on this bed also gives it an authentic look compared to our white painted pieces.

Dressing Likes its the 1800s

The final piece we’d like to share that completes any bedroom furniture collection is the dressing table. Famously, women of this era were expected to look fabulous on almost every occasion which lead to them spending hours preparing their appearance before leaving their chambers, from the tightening of their bodice to the hair and makeup itself – it was the norm. Therefore, a beautiful looking dressing quarters would make the experience all the more enjoyable.

French style bedroom dressing table and stool

The Grace dressing table is not only made of solid oak wood but it is also a very beautiful piece of French style furniture that a lady can enjoy getting herself prepared for a night out at. From the stool to the table itself, this wonderfully ornate furnishing completes the most elegant of bedrooms.

All of the beautiful French style furniture in this article is available to see and buy in our collection of luxurious yet affordable bedroom furniture.

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