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Homemade Ideas for a Halloween Party

House parties are always great fun to host and Halloween is another great annual excuse to do so. The brilliant thing about this time of year is that there are plenty of scary costumes available so making it a fancy dress themed party will make it much more fun.

To make it a great night you’ll want to plan ahead and decorate your home in line with the stereotypical Halloween theme, which is why we’ve provided some easy-to-make decorations, tips, and crafts that’ll make your house party the talk of your friends and family for some while.

Homemade Halloween Decorations

Getting creative and making your own party decorations can be very satisfying, especially if you take your time to make them look really good. Not only will you have great fun making them but you will be able to transform your home into an awesome party venue.

Homemade Ghost Decorations

Ghosts are easy to make and a great feature that can decorate a corner of the room or welcome your guests at the entrance of your house.

Spoonful Cagey Ghosts
To make a great standing glowing ghost like above you will need a tomato cage amongst other minor bits which are provided in this simple tutorial on How to Make a Cagey Ghost by Spoonful:

Another spooky ghost decoration you can create to add a chill factor to your halloween party are these hanging ghosts. They are even easier to make and involve some cheesecloth, fabric stiffener and a balloon.

Country Living Ghosts

It only takes 4 quick steps to create these friendly little ghosts in Country Living’s slideshow which can be read here: Give it a go and like the tutorial you can hang them from your light fitting, the ceiling, or anywhere else you feel like haunting your guests.

The Classic Pumpkin Carving

One of the most famous features of Halloween is the carved and hollowed out pumpkin head. Some very creative people have made impressive designs over the past few years but in case you were wondering how to get started with your first carving, watch this easy-to-follow tutorial:

To complete the carving you can turn it into a Jack-o’-lantern and place a candle within it to make it glow or a bike light if you want to be safer.

Homemade Bats

There are many ways you can add bats to your halloween party, the simplest being cut out bats on black card and stuck to the wall with blu-tack. On the other hand, more creative alternatives will be just as impressive. Take a look at the Bat-o’-Lanterns below as an example:

Spoonful Bat-O'-Lanterns
Read how to make these impressive decorations at

Now Go Get Crafty

It’s time for you to get your creativity hat on and start planning which of these decorative examples will make your party come to life with the horrors and spooks of Halloween! If you have some other craft ideas for halloween house parties please leave a comment.

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