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Schools Open, Clothes On the Floor, Bags on the Stairs

Yes my wonderful reader it has come to that time in the year again where the kids are back at school. That means the return of the never-missed traffic jams, messy rooms, and smelly kit bags…joy.

We hope it doesn’t get you down too much though because it’s not all doom and gloom. You’ll get to experience the great things like helping the little ones learn, watching them perform creatively or competitively, and share their journey in creating their future selves.

It’s down to how each parent teaches their child at the end of the day but I personally believe in teaching them good habits while they’re young (like picking up after themselves). That’s why we’ve decided to write a little article on considerations you need to be mindful of when selecting your child’s first wardrobe. You never know, it might save you getting a hunch from picking their nick knacks up off the floor every day.

The Types of Childrens Wardrobes

Any wardrobe is better than none but there are a few different variations to think of when buying them their very first one. Some are your average wardrobes which have a pair of strong tall doors to hide away all of their hung belongings. There are options available to either buy your child one that suits their height so they can put their own clothes away (a personal favourite) or you can invest in a larger wardrobe that will stay with them as they grow up.

Here is an example of a wardrobe they can organise themselves easily:

Eaton Childrens' Wardrobe

The size of your child’s bedroom will dictate many of your furniture choices to complete it. If you have the benefit of space then you will most likely buy the entire range of bedroom storage furniture available to maximise storage space e.g. chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside table, etc. On the other hand, if you’re tight for space then some wardrobes facilitate this scenario. Some come with drawers (narrow and wide) fitted along side or below the wardrobe’s main storage area.

This is a great example of multi-function bedroom furniture for children with limited bedroom floor space:

Eden Children's Wardrobe

Growing Pains

As I touched on previously, you need to consider your child and the fact that they don’t stay below waist height their entire lives. The choice to choose bedroom furniture that suits their height is purely one of independence i.e. do you want to delegate the responsibility of putting away their clothes, neatly, so that they can learn for later life?

The other argument is that you should purchase larger furniture whilst they are young so that as they grow up the furniture doesn’t shrink, prompting the need for another hunt (no pun intended) for a wardrobe that suits them in their teen years. At the end of the day it’s down to personal preference.

Finish It Correctly

As with most furniture, there is a wide range of finishes available to choose from. Maybe you want to match your kid’s interests so that their bedroom matches their personality but do keep in mind that while they’re young they can fall in and out of trends and tastes within the drop of a hat. That’s why buying them a cartoon themed bed may not be the best idea as there is the high possibility that they will lose interest in it as they create their own persona.

The best advice I can give on the perfect choice of finish is to go with the bedroom’s style and complement it. Alternatively, natural wood finishes hardly ever go out of fashion and suit most styles.

Here’s an example of a natural wood finish wardrobe:

Pickwick Children's Wardrobe

We hope that you’ve found some good useful considerations that you may not have thought off prior to your venture into the furnishing wilderness to find the perfect wardrobe for your little one(s). Simply click here to see Frances Hunt’s range of childrens wardrobes. We hope you’ll find something that suits your needs.