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How to Create a Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary bedroom furniture appears to be a popular furniture fashion trend in the home improvement world as popular interior design magazines and TV shows have presented images of simple, futuristic, and organised bedrooms. From observing the advances in technology design it can be assumed that the growth in sales of glossy, black/ white mobile devices and other tech is influencing our other lifestyle choices.

Maybe you yourself are considering re-decorating and furnishing your current sleeping quarters to this current trend, which is why we’ve written a small handful of tips you can follow to create the contemporary bedroom you desire.

Painting the Space

A major element that contributes to the overall creation of a contemporary-style room is the colour of the walls. In this case the colour scheme used needs to maximise the appearance of space, which means white, pale, and neutral colours combined with accent walls of a bolder contrast. A good selection of colour schemes can be found at

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

As you can see in the image above, the colour scheme is pale/ beige, making the room spacious in appearance and accenting the bold colours of the furniture.

Choosing the Furniture

The range of furniture available in the contemporary category is reflective of current technology-style trends, however, it also encompasses furniture that is futuristic in appearance and reminiscent of the 70s attempt at future living. It can be characterised as simple in colour and design with an heir of newness about it. This includes furnishings such as high gloss beds, faux leather bedside cabinets, and more. Below is an example of high gloss bedroom furniture.

High Gloss Bedroom Furniture

When choosing your furniture, be sure to select something plain in appearance to achieve the contemporary style. It is intended to either stand out as the main feature of the room or remain understated and contribute to the room’s goal of ‘space’. Click here for more examples of contemporary bedroom furniture.

Choosing the Layout

Deciding on a configuration of your bedroom furniture is a tough decision and completely dependant on the space you have available. As you can see in our previous examples, the head of the bed is nearest the perimeter of the room with cabinets and wardrobes populating the edges along the walls. This is a typical layout that maximises space, perfect for a contemporary bedroom.

Before moving things around it is a good idea to get your bedroom space drawn on a floor plan. This can help you envision what your room will look like without having to move everything. A great online tool for this can be found at

It is always advisable to be prepared and organised when decorating and furnishing your new bedroom. By using the tools and resources provided you should be able to envision the space before you dive in head over heels.

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