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Bedroom Choices to Aid Your Child’s Learning

Bringing a child into the world with everything they need in order to develop their growth and learning can be a challenge. A lot of the choices you make for your child as a parent are essential to their moulding into the type of person you’d eventually like them to be when they’ve grown up.

With this in mind, it can be beneficial to decorate and furnish your kid’s bedroom to benefit not only their comfort but also facilitate their learning and cerebral development. This article will go into our recommended bedroom essentials for children, including examples of the children’s bedroom furniture available at Frances Hunt. Click here to view our entire childrens bedroom furniture range.


There are plenty of scholarly articles that present a multitude of learning theories, some of which associate colour to the learning process of infants and toddlers. Applied to the décor of their bedroom, it could be potentially advantageous to decorate your child’s bedroom with the colours that theoretically aid mental development and learning.

Pink Kid's Bedroom

Image courtesy of Anthony Hopkins
Here are some good examples of colour associations and meanings in the western world. It does need to be remembered though that colour is perceptual as different cultures have different associations to colour e.g. in the Western world white is associated with weddings where as in the East it is associated with funerals.

By applying mentally stimulating colours to items of furniture, the walls or accessories within their bedroom, your child might improve their learning from colour association. After all there was a reason that those toys were invented for toddlers with different colour shapes and corresponding spaces for them to go in.

Coloured Shapes Toy

Image courtesy of Ella’s Dad

A Good Night’s Sleep

As we all know, a good night’s sleep is vital to help us recover, concentrate, and grow from the moment we are born. As kids require more sleep than grown-ups, they spend more time in bed, up to half a day for 3-6 year olds according to Boots. Therefore, it is important to facilitate this by providing the best comfort possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun with it though. Just take a look at the cool racing car bed below!

Racing Car Bed from Frances Hunt

Let the Children Play

We were all children once and value the excitement of playing. Not only was it fun but it engaged our imaginations too, allowing the creative process of our minds to flourish. Given the right toys, playtime keeps kids active so they burn off all of that energy they contain, keeping them healthy and as kids should be. It also means less difficulty when putting them to bed, as they’ll be worn out, perfect for Mum and Dad.

On the other hand, a build up of toys can mean mess so another essential piece of children’s bedroom furniture is a toy box. They are available in all sorts of finishes to suit a wide range of personalities and interiors like the high gloss toy box below, perfect for a girl’s bedroom.

Pink Toy Box from Frances Hunt

Storage for Clothes

It’s good to teach them from a young age that tidiness is an essential life lesson for a multitude of reasons. That’s why children’s wardrobes, such as the Avimore below, are perfect to teach this lesson and short enough that they can reach themselves. Of course it’ll take some practice but we all get there in the end.

Avimore Kid's Wardrobe from Frances Hunt

We hope that our fairly simple list of children’s bedroom essentials aids you at some stage in your life as its understandable that all parents want the best for their kids. If you’ve got any thoughts on the subject please drop us a comment or two below.

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