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Is Shabby Chic Furniture a Load of Old Mess?

Lately you may have noticed the rise in popularity of shabby chic furniture in either household or commercial interiors. You’ll know if you have because you’ll be left saying, “that’s an elegant and beautiful way to renovate that old table” or “someone clearly hasn’t taken care of their furniture.”

Personally, I think that shabby chic furnishings are an innovative way to bring some of the old school into the modern age, as many pieces either imitate or come from the French artistic styles of the 1800s. It is also a great way of recycling furniture in addition to adding elegance and character to unique home interiors.

Here at Frances Hunt we’ve decided to share the most common features of shabby chic furniture with the hope that you’ll be inspired to adopt it either as a feature object or an interior theme.

Stress Looks Good

Get an old looking chair, paint it with pale/ pastel colours, scratch it up and bash it around a bit and hey presto, you’ve got a painted and distressed chair. This is an underestimated glance at one of the most popular techniques used in shabby chic interior design. Realistically it takes time and patience, which is best illustrated in this video tutorial on how to paint and distress furniture.

If you’re worried that this DIY approach will ‘stress’ you out, never fear. We sell some lovely painted shabby chic style bedroom furniture to buy on our website like the Ivy 3 Drawer Chest below.

Ivy 3 Drawer Chest

French Furnishings

Contradictory to the infamous British perceptions of the French, it appears that we’re a massive lover of their vintage furniture when it comes to shabby chic interior design.

Some of the most popular individual French pieces of furniture are of the Rococo or “Late Baroque” period in the 1800s (Wikipedia). Some of these are given the paint and distressed treatment, however, some original pieces are kept as they are to make use of their authenticity. Considering the age of some chairs, they are likely to carry natural signs of wear and tear, a real version of the antique look.

Vintage French Furniture
Image Source: Flickr

What Say You?

So what’s your opinion? Is shabby chic just a load of old mess or the latest way to add unique character to your home interior? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re a fan of shabby chic furniture and looking for inspiration, feel free to visit our brand new Pinterest page. We have a board dedicated to shabby chic ideas.