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Buying the Perfect Children’s Bedroom Furniture

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Buying childrens bedroom furniture can be challenging at the best of times, but if you dont want to be re-designing their bedroom every couple of years there are a few things to consider.

Once they grow out of their cot you should focus on furniture that will grow with them not only in size but also style. ‘Kid-sized’ furniture can seem appealing. Its lower to the ground and looks so cute! But consider if this is really practical for you or whether you should be purchasing a few regular sized pieces of kids furniture of which you can enjoy for a longer period of time. Although if purchasing, for instance, a regular size wooden bed for an infant, its worth installing safety rails to keep them from toppling out of bed. By paying for quality decent sized furniture that will last, you will end up saving money in the long haul. You should also obviously avoid kids furniture with sharp edges and make sure that little fingers will not get trapped in any part of the chosen piece.

If you decide to purchase a regular size wardrobe, why not use the bottom for everyday clothes storage and keep the top for seasonal wear or clothing for special occasions. Most kids dont need a huge wardrobe to store their clothes and will more than likely end up using it as a hiding place for fun and games. Or worse, you may find it helpful for storage for your kids toys.

Try and avoid themes. Almost any furniture that your child would use is available nowadays with images emblazoned on them of their favourite kids dvds or television shows. But remember as much as your little boy may like Ben 10 at the age of 4, how quickly will he grow out of that phase? Within a few years he would more than likely feel embarrassed by it. By sticking to a more neutral theme you can accessorize with rugs, cushions, curtains and posters to bring out their individual character and set their room apart.

By making your decisions carefully, involving your child and keeping longevity and safety in mind you can decorate your childs bedroom in a way that will last until they (hopefully!) leave home.

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