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How Do I Fit A Headboard To My Bed?

Fitting a headboard to your bed couldn’t be easier. Most headboards come with struts. These struts screw into the back of the headboard and will fit neatly on to the back of the any standard size divan bed.

Your divan bed will have two bolts on the back (most divans include the bolts on both sides so you can decide which way to face your divan), these bolts unscrew, you then put the headboard in place and then screw the bolts back in place (see image 2 below)

The struts supplied with most headboards allows you to slide the headboard up and down the back of the divan depending on how thick your mattress is. Once you’ve found the perfect height you just tighten the bolts and the headboard holds in place. (See image 1 below)

Floor standing headboards work slightly differently. Rather than include separate struts, these are part of the headboard which allow the headboard to stand in place behind the bed. In most cases the headboard will include a gap on the standing frame which is where the bolts can be screwed in allowing for a sturdy head end which wont move about.

Wall mounted headboards are supplied with wall mounting fixings, we always recommend you use a DIY expert when fixing this to the wall, they will ensure the correct tools are used and that your wall will support the wall mounted headboard chosen.How Do I Fit a Headboard to My Bed?



  1. What if the bed has no headboard screws/bolts already fitted and I want to be able to put a headboard on – can I get the threaded “pipe” into which the headboard bolts screw somewhere. ie – bolts alone no use inless there is a thread into which to screw them! or might be that one is a male and need the female end to it – ( ie what a normal bed manufacturer puts in the bed when making it so the bolts screw in!)

  2. Some beds don’t come with pre-drilled holes for headboard attachment, but Most beds will have a narrow piece of wood along the bottom of the base (just above the legs) It’s a bit iffy but you can screw the headboard to this wood as long as the headboard legs aren’t too long. Make sure you attach castors to the headbboard legs, so if you need to move the bed there will be no drag to dislodge the screws. I have done this twice, and it has worked out fine. Just a little care is all it needs!

  3. If you attach a headboard to the wall, how do you stop the bed from moving when leaning up against the headboard. Do you bracket the bed to the wall?

  4. hi. I have just received a new headboard but there are no holes in the headboard to fit the legs, what do I do?

  5. We have purchased a metal headboard from someone but it has no fixings
    I have been told that you should have metal struts but we do not want to fix to wall and my mattress is quite thick
    Please advise

  6. We have just purchased two headboards for two (old) single beds. However when they are fitted in place in the usual way the headboards seem to be too high above the bed (and this is when the struts are resting on the floor). The screws on the bed are about 6 ” below the top of the groove in the strut. Do headboards come with different height struts and is it usually necessary to saw a portion of wood off the bottom of the struts so that they sit down properly? They are solid oak headboards and were quite expensive. Any suggestions?

    1. Sorry to hear that your headboard doesn’t fit your bed frame. As beds come in different heights, we would recommend always measuring first. Good headboard retailers will usually give you a choice of different heights to suit your bed.

      Sometimes thinner mattresses also don’t cover up the gap between the top of the mattress and the bottom of the headboard too. Unless you’re open to the idea of raising your bed height, sawing off the bottom of struts may be your best option.

  7. I wish to attach headboard to a divan bed purchased approx 25 years ago. The holes drilled into the base have larger diameter than the common/normal size bolts used to-day to support the headboard. I have been advised not to use rawlplugs. What should I do to solve the problem?

  8. I have attatched headboard securly to bed. It literally rocks as if not securly tightened. Should it do this?To stop it i have to put headboard right up to wall

    1. Depending on your headboard and bed frame, there may be a little wobble. A good quality headboard and bed frame combo, however, should be steady. The reality is that, unless you also have side rails and footboard attached to the headboard, there’ll always be a little unsteadiness to it. Otherwise, you may have to just keep the headboard right up against the wall.

      If it feels a little loose, you may need to attach modification plates between them. These can be purchased online at a low cost and may help.

  9. My new 6 ft Millbrook Splendour bed has 4 strut fixing points. Will the headboard come complete with support struts to match the size and pitch of these fixing points? thanks

  10. I have just purchased a divan bed but it has no struts and don’t know how to attach the headboard it came with all the screws