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Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2019: Living Coral

Pantone 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral

2019’s Pantone’s Color Of The Year is set to be a dramatic switch from the hue presented through last years official colour. With the new year heralding in, ‘Living Coral’ is the defining colour of 2019. Following on from previous colours such as 2018’s ‘Ultra Violet’ and 2017’s ‘Greenery’, Living Coral brings with it an

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Ideas For Decorating Your Uni Halls Room

I want a ball, I want a party, pink macaroons and a million balloons — and performing baboons and… GIVE IT TO ME! Rrhhh, Now! I want the world, I want the whole world!! Unlike Veruca Salt, you’re unlikely to want the whole world when it comes to decorating your uni halls room, but we’ll look at the ways

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How To Keep White Furniture Clean

How To Clean White Furniture

White is a popular colour for furniture and décor thanks to its versatility, and ability to work in almost any kind of room décor. It can be fresh and contemporary in a bright high-gloss finish, or a charming and rustic wash over textured wood.
But how do you keep white furniture white?
You may think that leaving your white

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Decorating an Apartment Balcony, whatever the size!

Decorating an Apartment Balcony header

With many of our cities and towns being overpopulated, new builds are limited with the space that they’re able to set aside for open gardens, something of which would allow the homeowner to embrace the best of nature from their doorstep. Due to this, high rise apartments with small outdoor balconies have become commonplace, allowing property developers to increase

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Decorating an American Loft-Style Home

decorating an american loft style home

The term loft, or more precisely: “loft-style” isn’t one to sound glamorous, but its name can be ultimately deceiving. When you have a loft-style home, you’re taking on a defined style that’ll bring in the feel of brutalistic textures, industrial design and modernism to the place you could call your humble abode. A loft style home design doesn’t necessarily

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How To Create a Great Office Reception or Waiting Area

How To Create a Great Reception Area or Waiting Room

Many organisations have a tendency to neglect visitor-friendly décor. Whether you’re a creative agency, a finance office, or a local doctor’s surgery, designing a welcoming reception area makes a massive impact on a visitor’s first impression of the company.
For open-plan receptions with the front desk sharing the room with a seating area, you first need to get a

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Return of the Retro: Why Retro Furniture is Coming Back

Why retro furniture is coming back

It’s official: retro furniture is seeing a comeback onto the trendy furniture scene, and it’s coming back better than ever. After the revival of 70s/80s chic fashion and the resurgence of vinyl, it was only inevitable that the furniture that defined the homes of the past would be the inspiration for the retro resurgence of our current time.
From humble

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