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How To Create A Homework Area for Your Kids

Child Drawing

Homework: It can be difficult to encourage children to complete their homework if it feels like a chore or an extension of school. The concept of “homework” should be introduced as not to make their teachers happy but to better themselves. This starts with establishing a system at home based on fun and rewards, rather than punishment. Building healthy

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Furniture and Art: How the two have become one

Modern art

Furniture isn’t the kind of item you’d think would become a piece of art, but in these modern times, furniture has done little other than become centrepiece in the world of art. From its modern counterpart; modern art, to more abstract, contemporary and applied art – the use of furniture in art is overwhelming and everywhere.
Unlike other examples of

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How to Make Your Bedroom Cosy


Our bedroom is our place of safety, of security and for most of us, our place of comfort and cosiness. We strive to ensure our bedrooms make us feel right at home, especially as it is the location we spend one-third of our life in. However, sometimes life gets up on us and we push off making our bedroom cosy

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How to Greenify Your Home This Spring


With much luck, this spring could be a true blossoming one. Houseplants are something that won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. Bringing beauty, health benefits and sweet smelling senses to your home, these plants have nothing against them. With 2017 “Colour of the Year” being greenery, there isn’t a better time to begin the greenification of your home.


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Furnishing a small sized bedroom successfully

Cookham 4ft Folding Guest Bed

When you’ve decided how you wish to arrange your bedroom furniture, the next step will be choosing the most appropriate furniture that will keep your bedroom spacious and free. With many different furniture items that will need to be chosen and an exhaustive range of such furniture pieces, it can be a tedious and long process to find all the

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Understanding the different types of Furniture Materials

When you buy a furniture piece for your home or office, you’ve probably encountered a whole array of furniture built through various materials – woods of assorted types, different coloured metals, glass and plastic/acrylic in some aspects too. Deciding and understanding the advantages as well of the disadvantages of these materials is something that should be considered before carrying out

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Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

Pantone's Color of the Year: Greenery

Since the year 2000, Pantone have selected their symbolic “Color of the Year” for the year ahead based on the colour which best expresses the current global mood and attitude. Pantone’s Color of the Year is extraordinarily influential on everything from fashion to architecture. From food to tech. (You might remember all the smartphones that came out last year in “rose

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Decluttering Secrets: The Best Furniture to Prevent Cluttering

Corazon Elm

Decluttering introduces a minimalistic style to your place of living, removing the areas of which dust can gather behind and providing you with a more convenient working atmosphere – why wouldn’t you declutter?
There are many methods to decluttering, with the major aspect being the furniture you choose to arrange the room in mention with. Furniture which has a storing device,

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