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Possibly the most important decision you will make when purchasing new furniture for your home is what mattress to buy. A good mattress can be the difference between a good nights sleep for years or severe sleeping issues which can affect over a prolonged period of time your performance in the work place and in everyday life.

Many concerns that consumers have about buying mattresses online is how to decide which mattress is right for them. With so many styles now available in the market place with different specifications - covering single mattresses, double mattresses and otherwise, as well as all of the jargon involved, it may just get a bit too much for some.

When is it time for a new mattress?

How do you know if its time to change your mattress? Good Question, we have narrowed it down to some very simple points:

1.) How long have you had your mattress, more than 5 years? Many mattresses wont last longer than 5 years unless specified.

2.) Are certain areas on your mattress more comfortable than others?

3.) You wake up all achy.

4.) You can feel the springs in your mattress.

5.) The mattress is worn around the edges and on the top.

6.) You would rather sleep in someone elses bed, rather than your own?

As mentioned above this decision is an important one, choosing a mattress is an investment which could be responsible for a good nights sleep for years to come. In fact top sleeping experts have gone as far as to say that a new mattress could be even more effective than sleeping tablets! With this in mind dont compromise on quality, buy the best quality mattress you can afford and you will reap the benefits.

Which is the best type of mattress?

Choosing your new mattress type is a lot less complicated once you understand the various jargon and terminology:

Types of Mattresses:

Pocket Sprung Mattresses: Ideal for extra comfort and support, Includes individual springs working independently to respond to individual body weight and movement. The higher the count, the more springs inside (meaning more comfort!)

Open Coil Mattresses: Most popular spring system used. Springs are linked through the mattress providing even weight distribution. Rod-edged for longevity and edge to edge support.

Memory Foam Mattresses: Body heat sensitive, meaning foam softens and then moulds to your body shape relieving pressure points. When pressure is removed mattress returns to original shape.

Orthopaedic Mattresses: Orthopaedic mattresses are firmer mattresses designed to support your back and in particular your spine, available in many different constructions. Ideal for those that suffer from backaches.

Waterproof MattressesDesigned and developed with a unique PVC fabric covering the mattress providing both waterproof and allergy free, ideal for the care market or incontinence sufferers. 

Types of mattress fillings:

Many different types of fillings are used in mattresses including the following:

Cashmere & Silk: Natural materials used in the very best mattresses.

Silk & Wool: Superior natural materials for superior comfort.

Soft Wool: Natural wool, adding resilience and comfort.

Latex: Ventilated for good air circulation with pressure relief for ultimate comfort.

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