Dining Room Furniture Buying Guide

This furniture buying guide has been created to help you make a smarter investment when purchasing your dining room furniture. Whilst simple in thought, the process sometimes requires a little expert advice.

Choosing the correct style for your dining room

One of the most common issues customers face when purchasing dining room furniture is what style of furniture they should select. With such a vast selection these days, its understandable why this is such a hard decision to make. Dining room interiors usually fall into two categories, traditional or contemporary. Obviously each look is completely different and this will eventually determine the appearance of your dining room. Once your dining room décor is decided, furnishing your dining room suddenly becomes a lot easier.

Traditional dining room furniture is usually crafted from woods, such as: oak, mahogany and pine. You will find many decorative and elegant dining room furniture items which will beautifully enhance your dining room.

Contemporary dining room furniture usally uses bold and vibrant colours and would either be crafted from woods such as oak, walnut, acacia, wenge or now more popular than ever high gloss furniture. Alternatively glass dining room furniture has become increasingly popular over the years, usually on chrome legs and available in a selection of colours and extending table options.

For a striking look in your dining room, marble dining room furniture (which dependent on style can fall into the traditional or contemporary category) is something you should consider, usually priced higher than wooden or glass dining room furniture this option is elegant and stylish and will (if treated properly) last for many years. 

As part of any dining room the most important feature would always be your dining table and chairs. This is the focal point of your dining room furniture and all other furniture you can accessorise around this.

Choosing the right size dining room furniture

Before you choose your dining room table, its important to consider what other dining room furniture you wish to put into your dining room. Do you have the space to fit in a sideboard? Perhaps you require a display unit to show off your finer crockery?

These points should be considered as this will impact seriously on the space for your dining room table and dining chairs. Make sure you measure the space prior to ordering any furniture items and also the space required for people to fit comfortably around the dining room table without the feeling of being cramped. 

Looking after your Dining Room Furniture

Whilst it may seem obvious to some, looking after your dining room furniture is very important. The better you look after your dining room furniture the longer it will last.

Wooden and high gloss dining room furniture should be dusted with a dry cloth, avoid using any polish which can harm the wood (especially if the wood has not been treated) this information is usually displayed on the polish.

Glass dining room furniture can be cleaned with any glass cleaning solution and a damp cloth.

Cleaning marble dining room furniture is relatively easy too and using a damp cloth will remove most stains. Some people recommend using dish washing soap in conjunction with warm water, however we always advise for more serious stains that you seek professional advice first.

Remember: When purchasing your dining room furniture, dont compromise on quality. Cheaper is not always better!

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