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Choose from hundreds of dining chairs and kitchen chairs in leather, upholstered or wooden finishes including oak, walnut, pine and beech. Or perhaps you're specifically looking for a dining bench? Many of our dining room chairs are available on our express delivery service, you could get delivery within just 48 hours!

Our contemporary dining chairs and kitchen chairs are available in a selection of styles, for those who are after a less traditional dining room look. We're confident that you'll find the perfect match for your dining table or kitchen table!

Purchasing dining room chairs online can sometimes be difficult. There are so many factors to consider that sometimes people may think that sourcing dining room chairs locally may be an easier option. This need not be the case as long as you make sure you address the following dining chair purchasing guidelines: 

Consider the existing dining environment. Are you purchasing dining chairs for your kitchen, breakfast room or dining room? This is an important factor as some plastic dining chairs or kitchen chairs will look good in your kitchen or breakfast room, but look odd if purchased for a more formal dining room. Likewise, if your were to put solid oak dining chairs in your kitchen which has no oak featured then this will also look strange. 

Next, your dining room table or the one you are purchasing - what size is it? How many chairs can you fit comfortably around it? Remember that if you are purchasing carver dining chairs (chairs with arms) then these will most probably take up more space. All of our dining room chairs have overall measurements so you can measure how much space they are likely to take up.

What material is your existing dining room furniture made from? For example if your dining room furniture heavily features oak, then solid oak dining chairs with leather seat pads will be the correct option for you to take, likewise a contemporary glass dining room table will be most suited to faux leather dining chairs with chrome frames rather than oak frames.

Most dining chairs are available in standard dining chair seat heights, usually around 45-50cm however this would be totally irrelevant if your dining table is at an odd height. The best way is to use your table as your guide, at what height would you be most comfortable sitting at your dining table? 

For more information, consult our dining table and chairs buying guide.

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