Coffee Table Buying Guide

Choosing the correct coffee table can be a difficult task. With such a huge variety of coffee tables to choose from, you can quite often find it hard to make the right decision. Coffee tables usually sit in your living room, in front of your sofas and living room chairs and help create the focal point of your living room furniture.

Points to consider when purchasing your coffee table

Primary Use: Have you thought about how you intend to use your coffee table,
1. Is it for show? In this case the style is most important, choose something stylish, modern or traditional that matches your existing living room furniture.
2. Do you intend to use it for placing food, snacks and drinks on? In this case ensure it is in within easy reach of sofas and chairs.
3. Is it for storage? Make sure the drawers shelves provided have ample room for remote controls, magazines and any other bits and bobs.

Space: How much space is there in your living room for a coffee table? Remember that most coffee tables require ample space in the immediate areas surrounding the coffee table, especially if placed in front of sofas and living room chairs for people to sit comfortably round it. Make sure when measuring the space you require for the coffee table you take this and the coffee tables shape into consideration.

Type: Types of coffee tables include glass coffee tables, wooden coffee tables, marble coffee tables and more. Pick a design which best matches the decor of your interior furniture. With many different contemporary and traditional styles to choose from you won't find it hard to find plenty of choices. It is very important to make sure you match it up with your existing living room furniture so it doesn't look out of place. Traditional styles often include wooden styles whilst contemporary coffee tables are usually sleek and simple made from glass etc.

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