When purchasing bunk beds online, there are a few important points to consider. Whether you know what a bunk bed is and how exactly it works, the size of a bunk bed, the most common age for bunk bed usage, the weight limit for a bunk bed, ensuring bunk bed safety, choosing the correct mattresses to go with your bunk bed and more.

What are bunk beds?

Bunk beds are two beds one on top of another, fit together with a frame to give the underneath bed some room to manoeuvre about. Bunk beds are best used to save space in space-constricted rooms, reducing the amount of floor space needed to maintain two beds. With most bunk beds, they normally feature a small ladder for the individual to get to the top bunk, as well as rails around the bed to ensure the top sleeper does not fall off.

What size are bunk beds?

The size of a bunk bed can differentiate depending on the bunk, but can normally be the same size as a single (75 x 190cm) or a small single bed (90 x 190cm).

What age is appropriate for a bunk bed?

The age for bunk bed usage is mostly down to the parent or guardian themselves to decide, but various advice says that those younger than six years old should not sleep on the top bunk, due to the safety issues that could arise from sleeping significantly off the ground. It also depends how high off the ground the bunk bed of which you're looking to purchase would be for the top bunk.

Pluto Blue Sleeper Kids Bunk Bed


Is there a weight limit for bunk beds?

The standard weight limit for the top bunk of a bunk bed is 175lbs, with the lower bunk being 200lbs. This also includes the weight of the mattress, pillows and other additions of which you may add upon. It is also important that you keep the levels of the bunk bed one bed to one person, as is best expected of it.

Making sure your Bunk Bed is safe

When it comes to purchasing bunk beds, safety is paramount. As most bunk beds have to be assembled and usually involve one bed on top of another, it is extremely important that you ensure the bunk bed meets certain requirements before you make your purchase.

Questions you should ask yourself and indeed the retailer include:

  • Do the bunk beds conform to current safety standards?
  • Are the bunk beds made from quality materials?
  • Do the bunk beds come with detailed assembly instructions?

Once you have answered these questions and are happy with the answers you are then ready to make your purchase. Just remember always use at least two people to assemble your bunk bed, and if you are not very good with DIY then get a professional in to do it. NEVER compromise on safety.

Paulie White Study Bunk Bed


How do I choose a new bunk bed?

Over the years bunk beds have been modified to include all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles. Originally bunk beds were just big enough to fit two standard single size mattresses. Nowadays the options have grown hugely, you can now get trio bunk beds which include a double mattress on the bottom, with a single size mattress on top, enough to fit three people. Alternatively sleep station bunk beds include useful storage, desks, cupboards, drawers on the bottom with just one single size mattress on top.

Style: With so many different bunk beds out there, you should first work out what the bunk bed is required for. Are two children sharing a room? In that case, standard bunk beds will suffice, with 2 single size beds (on top of the other). Perhaps your child requires extra storage underneath the bed to fit clothes, a desk etc, then look at sleep station bunk beds, these clever bunk beds give an incredible amount of storage and still provide a fun sleeping experience. Perhaps you require as many people as possible to fit in the room for a hostel or B&B, then a trio three sleeper bunk bed is a great alternative, it enables 2 people to sleep on the bottom and another on the top bunk.

Size: Make sure you measure up, how much room do you have in your bedroom for the bunk bed? Don't forget to measure the overall size of the bunk bed, including height, width and depth. Make sure there is enough headroom for the person on the top to be able to sit up in bed without banging their head on the ceiling!

Mattresses: Choosing the correct mattresses is another important choice you have to make. Afterall a good nights sleep is of paramount importance. Get some advice from your retailer as to which mattresses they recommend for bunk beds.

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