Kitchen Bar Ideas & Inspiration

Looking for breakfast bar ideas and inspiration for your kitchen? Tempted to invest in a couple of bar stools? Whether you have a luxury kitchen island or a sunny corner of your small kitchen that you want to make the most out of, hopefully our breakfast bar ideas will inspire you to transform your kitchen into the social centre of your home. Where your family gathers for breakfast, where your kids sit and snack as they tell you about their day, where you and your friends sit together and chat, and where you share precious moments with that special someone at wine o'clock...

Breakfast Bar Ideas for in the morning...

Breakfast bars don't have to take up too much space. In fact, even small kitchens are likely to have a little room in the corner to accommodate a small bar table and chairs. Or, alternatively, there is no harm in getting creative and seeing what existing surfaces in your kitchen you can use as a bar! If you have a floating countertop with no cabinet or storage beneath, a couple of backless stools can be tucked away quite nicely beneath the counter. This allows you to still use the counter surface for food preparation, whilst providing a breakfast bar area in the kitchen where you can sit and enjoy your breakfast in the morning. Kitchen island bars are also massively popular as you only need to buy a couple of good stools (or more if you have the space and will need to seat more people) and the table is already there.

If you're feeling adventurous and eyeing up an under-utilised area of your kitchen, there's nothing to stop you from fixing your own countertop or wide shelf to build your own bar against a wall. Especially if you have a kitchen window that lets in a lot of light or has a nice view - it may almost feel as if you're sitting out on your own private balcony for your morning coffee!

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Snacking during the day...

It would be a waste to only use your kitchen bar for breakfast. Make your kitchen bar more inviting by placing a fruit bowl or healthy snacks basket as a centrepiece for during the day. Perfect for encouraging kids (or yourself after work!) to choose an apple after school over a bag of crisps, as they sit at the kitchen bar and unwind. They're great for that quick snack break, or just somewhere to hang out and check your social feed and emails. You'll find that kitchen bars are suitable to all kinds of informal dining, no matter what time of day. Or night if you're a midnight snacker!

A vase with fresh flowers on your bar table can really brighten up your kitchen and draw attention to the seating area, making the bar look even more inviting.

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Drinks at night!

Whether you're enjoying a quiet glass of wine in the evening by yourself or with your partner or you have friends round for a drink, a home bar in your kitchen can be just what you need to move the activity away from the living room television. Romantic home date with your wife or husband? You could light a small candle and enjoy a deep conversation together over drinks. No interrupting conversation to order more drinks from a noisy bar, no fear of having your conversations overheard by the table next to you, and no expensive drinks prices!

For cold kitchens, wooden bars can add a touch of warmth to contrast the cold surfaces of the cabinets and kitchen appliances, creating a more intimate atmosphere during the evenings.

Tips for your Kitchen Bar or Home Bar

  • Kitchen bars can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. You can have one installed as a permanent fixture, or buy a bar table and chairs that can be moved around the home - or even outdoors in the Summer! For most, a bar table and stools will be the most cost-effective solution and the most practical.
  • Keep your home bar well-lit! Even position your bar area near a window that lets in a lot of light, or have some sort of lighting above or near the bar table. Even if you enjoy the dimly lit corner of a public bar, no one wants to bring it home with them.
  • If you have an open plan living room and kitchen (or kitchenette), a breakfast bar can be used as a transitional space to separate the two areas of the room without making the room look disjointed. If you're limited on floor space, a breakfast bar can be a great space-saving alternative to full-sized dining furniture.
  • Consider the surface material of your bar table before your purchase. A glass table looks stylish and is easy enough to clean and wipe spills, but if you think you're also going to be using it in the kitchen for food preparation and chopping then maybe it's not the best solution for you. You may want to consider granite instead as it doesn't leave scratch marks or stains, and doesn't even burn! So you can use it to set hot pans and pots. Another durable option may be ceramic tile. The most common material for bar table surfaces however is laminate. It's usually the cheapest option, and is perfectly suitable for those who expect to use the bar table as a surface for drinks, plates, laptop, etc.
  • Bar stools can come in a wide range of options. From ones with backrests and armrests, swivel or stationary, upholstered or solid, adjustable height, etc... The important thing is to find one that's comfortable for you. If you plan to be spending hours at a time around the home bar (with your friends perhaps, or whilst working from home), you may want to seriously consider investing in a more comfortable upholstered bar stool with a backrest. On the other hand, if they're mainly to be used as "spectator stools" (like if the bar table is in the games room, and will mainly seat friends for minutes at a time as you alternate between player turns) a cheap, solid, backless stool won't cause any noticeable discomfort for these short periods of time.

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