Bedroom Chairs Buying Guide

Choosing the right bedroom chair can be a tough decision. Whether you're looking for a armchair, boudoir or a chaise lounge chair, they all work to add that extra practicality to your bedroom, as well as provide a beautiful accent piece that draws the eye.

There are a number of considerations you must make before rushing out and buying any chair. The first is size.

Is your room big enough for an extra chair?

Some people like the idea of owning an accent chair even if it means sacrificing what little space is available in their bedrooms for the sake of adding one. In reality, this approach is less favourable if you like to maintain a practical bedroom that can be used easily.

Measure out the floor space in your bedroom using a measuring tape and compare it against the dimensions of the chair you're contemplating on buying. The width and depth measurements provided on our products should give you a good estimation of how much space you will require.

Don't forget to account for some free breathing room around the chair when you're measuring up your bedroom. You want to make it comfortable to sit in and adjust freely if needed. At least a foot of extra space around the perimeter of your chair is recommended.

What will you be using it for?

Bedroom chairs serve a number of purposes, such as a convenient place to sit and put your shoes on or an area you can enjoy getting lost in a novel. Some can even be used with your dressing table so you have a relaxing way to get ready for every occasion.

You need to identify what purpose it will serve before choosing because it may influence your decision to buy an armchair over an armless boudoir chair for example. It can even be the decider between high back and low back chairs.

For dressing chairs, you would ideally want one without arms to allow free movement so you can access your drawers without any obstructions or if you need to move away from your dressing table suddenly to fetch something.

Additionally, if you have any ailments that make getting up difficult, an armchair or tub chair might be better for you because it will provide a supportive frame you can use to lower and raise yourself in and out of the chair.

Once you've identified the purpose of your chair, you can move on to its aesthetics.

How to choose the right style of chair

Although your choice of style will ultimately be decided on which bedroom chair you like the look of most, there is some advice we can provide you with to make sure some design principles are followed in case a visitor with a discerning eye ever critiques your bedroom.

Our range mainly consists of traditional and contemporary chairs, as these are our most popular products used for bedroom seating. Deciding on which of these will suit your bedroom is a matter of deciding on what style of environment you want to create.

If an eclectic scene is what you enjoy then adding any type of chair that is complementary to the rest of your room will do. Just making sure that patterns and colours match is your main concern.

Contemporary rooms are simply rooms that adopt current trends and styles of the time. By today's standards that would mean you'd be creating a bedroom that is concerned with a clean and clutter-free environment and optimises what space is available using neutral colours and smooth design. Leather tub chairs would be one type of chair to suit a contemporary arrangement.
Alternatively, you could go Romanesque and add a chaise longue for a real Egyptian-style chill out spot.

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