Choosing the correct beds are important, after all we spend roughly a third of our time in them. Taking this into consideration you can start to realise how important it is to choose the correct bed, be it a single bed, double bed or even a kingsize.

As we adapt to the ever-increasing pace of life, sleep is becoming more and more important and what many people don't realise is that lack of sleep can sometimes be attributed to the poor quality of their bed. It's also important to realise that beds do have a lifespan and won't last forever. 

Changes in your life can also have an effect on how quickly your bed deteriorates, for example, weight loss or weight gain, a change of partner, amount of people, how regularly you are sleeping in the bed etc. 

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How do I know if its time for a change?

There are certain signs you should look out for when determining whether its time to change your bed over.

  1. How old is your bed? Not many beds will last longer than 10 years and the majority don't even last 5 years.
  2. Do you find certain areas of the bed more comfortable than others?
  3. You are waking up all achy. 
  4. The bed is looking old and worn.
  5. You'd rather sleep in another bed than your own.

With all this in mind, we have created our bed buying guide below if you think its time for a change.

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What should I look for when buying a bed?

Space: How much space do you have in your bedroom? This is vital to work out before choosing the perfect bed. Make sure you measure up correctly and remember don't just purchase the largest bed that will fit in your bedroom, also take into account how much space this will leave, is this enough for your bedroom furniture and will this make your bedroom inaccessible?

Storage: Do you require extra storage? Many beds are now available with extra storage. Traditional Divan Beds come with a choice of 2, 4 or continental storage options. Whereas some new modern bed frames are available with under bed storage (Sometimes in the form of wheelie drawers which slide conveniently underneath the bed frame). For maximum storage bed space try looking at ottoman storage beds, these beds have lift up tops which can be raised without removing the mattress, this leaves huge storage space underneath and you can choose from end opening or side opening lift up bed styles.

Type: What type of bed are you looking for? The sheer selection of beds available can now make this decision a difficult one. Choices include bed frames in metal, wooden, upholstered and leather fabrics, alternatively, you might like the practicality of a divan bed set. Other than these other options include guest beds, day beds, bunk beds and folding beds for those unexpected guests!

Price: Don't skimp on cost! Whilst you should not always look for the most expensive bed, you have to remember how much time you spend in it. A quality bed should last 8 years, obviously, the more you spend, the better the quality of the bed, this, in turn, will help ensure you have a comfortable nights sleep.

What are the best beds?

The best bed is truly down to each and every individual's preference, with factors such as the amount of space you have available in your bedroom, whether the bed you'll need requires a headboard if you'd like under-bed storage and more.

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